Parlo perché posso

Danielle, 18, Melbourne.

I’m drunk and I have work in an hour what do

Hopefully you guys are a match then :’)
Yeah well no one likes a dumbass either

Tbh id take the $3000 bottle of wine rather than be premier of NSW

i was a liberal until i saw a banksy painting and now I’m an anarchist with an interest in the arts

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you stopped scrolling.


you stopped scrolling.

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lol one day i will do the readings for principles of business law but it isn’t going to be today or any day this semester

i feel weird, lost and empty but it was the right thing to do by both of us

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also i totally forgot to submit my italian assignment which is a bother

i don’t give a flying fuck about game of thrones and i am not ashamed

Today we said goodbye to a beautiful young girl called Olivia. She fought a courageous battle and was so brave to not only face, but to accept death and sickness at such a young age. The amount of people that came today perfectly show how many people Liv touched through her short life, and how many people will keep her memory alive. Her family and close friends have been so unbelievably strong, and I hope they can overcome the pain that has come with Olivia being put to peace.
I will love and miss her always. Rest in peace gorgeous girl.

that feel when you discover your friend is a semi-successful gay pornstar


I just want Tumblr to know that I have never, not once, wanted to reblog a text post as a link.

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flycandy: Iggy Azalea